Supplier Benefits from a BAWTA member…

  • ‘Free’ and Effective Market Channel
    Product promoted through any BAWTA member benefits from distribution to a qualified nationwide database of an estimated 95% of active coach and group tour operators. Promotion of product through a wholesale tour agent can be done very quickly and effectively to a wide audience.

  • No Fees
    Wholesalers work with net rates, so they can only make money if the holiday operates.

  • Established mature business sector
    All BAWTA Wholesalers have a long term proven track record as a business and provide suppliers with a reliable business partner for any booking.

  • Customer Protection
    As part of their terms of membership, all BAWTA members set aside advance payments made to them by their wholesale clients until a tour is completed. This mirrors the undertaking that coach operators must in turn give to their passengers.

  • Reduced Administration
    Suppliers issue one contract to each wholesaler. Wholesalers are responsible for ensuring terms, conditions and deadlines are met for multiple bookings, rather than issuing contracts for each operator ad-hoc booking. Centralised billing to a wholesaler reduces the number of billing accounts. In many cases, bookings through a BAWTA member work from previously agreed rates and conditions.

  • Professionalism
    All BAWTA members operate under a strict code of conduct with professional supplier and client terms and conditions.

  • Focused Demand
    Where appropriate to the customer enquiry, BAWTA members will focus demand for transport, accommodation, and any tour extras to contracted or prioritised product with their suppliers.

  • Qualified Business
    Customers booking through any BAWTA member have already agreed to booking terms and conditions that are checked with the relevant supplier(s).

  • ‘Your’ Intermediary
    From updates to deadlines, we are here to meet both the requirements of the supplier and the customer in order to make any booking run as smoothly as possible.