BAWTA Code of Conduct
for Members' Dealings with Clients

Members of BAWTA undertake:

  1. To conduct their business in accordance with the following minimum standards:
    1. Verbal estimates or quotations will be confirmed in writing on request;

    2. Quotations will clearly state the period during which they remain valid;

    3. Quotations will clearly state whether the prices therein are based on reservations held by the member or are subject to availability at the time of the client's further instructions;

    4. A written confirmation will be issued within 21 days of a client's acceptance of a quotation. Confirmations will clearly state, in full detail, what a member has arranged on behalf of the client and the price to be paid by the client for those arrangements.

    5. Quotations and confirmations will clearly state whether the prices are
      1. guaranteed against alterations due to currency fluctuations or
      2. subject to alteration as a consequence of future exchange rate fluctuations. If prices are subject to alteration the date of, or the exchange rates used in, their initial calculation and the method and date of their eventual finalisation will be clearly stated;

    6. Confirmation documents will state the names of all hotels to be used during tours, except that single night reservations for en route stops may remain unconfirmed for a maximum of one month after the issue of the first confirmation, or a longer period by agreement with the client. No documents which purport to be confirmations but which do not name the main hotels booked will be issued, unless by prior arrangement with the client;

    7. Once a tour has been confirmed, changes will not be made to the arrangements unless as a result of circumstances beyond the member's control. Such circumstances will be fully explained to the client in writing without delay and, after due consultation, alternative arrangements which are acceptable to the client will be made;

    8. Full Terms of Business or Booking Conditions will be readily obtainable from members and will accompany all confirmations. Such Terms or Conditions will clearly state the member's requirements and policies with regards to:
      1. Payments
      2. Price changes
      3. Cancellations
      4. Liability

  2. To make all possible efforts to enable their clients to comply with the Package Travel Regulations Directory 2015;

  3. To act in a professional fashion at all times and in all ways;

  4. To accept the decision of a disciplinary sub-committee formed from the Association's membership if any complaint regarding their conduct made to the Association and considered by such a committee is upheld. If three complaints against them are upheld, members are automatically and publicly expelled from the Association.