Membership Enquiries


In principle, membership is open to any UK registered company with properly constituted commercial premises in the UK which are staffed during normal business hours, which has been trading as a tour wholesaler for at least three years and has tour wholesaling as its principal activity.

The definition of a tour wholesaler is a company which "provides bulk travel arrangements to a third party who is purchasing on behalf of a group of people or for resale to the general public."

In practice, an applicant for membership must also satisfy BAWTA that it is a reputable company, by providing trade references and other information about itself and its activities.

Members are required to adhere to a Code of Conduct for Dealings with Clients.

Another essential requirement for membership of BAWTA is contained within the Articles of Association. A member must “..prove to BAWTA that it has made legally enforceable arrangements to ensure that prepayments received from its clients would be refunded in the event of insolvency, excepting prepayments which had been received by it on a non-refundable basis and/or prepaid to suppliers."

Click here for details on Financial Security provided by BAWTA members.

For membership enquiries please contact us.