Every major sea transporter and many of the major hotel groups are Associate Members of BAWTA. By maintaining a regular liaison with its members' suppliers BAWTA is able to address major issues affecting the industry. The Hotel Wholesaler Standard Terms and Conditions is one example of this cooperation at work.

BAWTA was created at a time when the principle of wholesaling to the coach and groups market was taking off. Numerous intermediary companies were being formed in the late 1980's and the need to set minimum standards of operation was imperative.

In the twenty-first century, wholesaling to this market has come of age but the industry has also developed in many other ways. BAWTA members today are often involved in other related activities such as air holidays, conference and incentive arrangements and incoming tours. The principles and the aims of BAWTA remain just the same however and the association intends to remain at the forefront of innovation no matter what the challenges of the future may be.